Now, try something new

Sense/Make is a strategy implemen­tation agency in Malmö, Sweden, that drives execution through social behavi­oural change and capability inno­vation.

We are management consultants with a twist, helping you renew yourself and experiment instead of copying others and doing what's expected.

We can help you, by

Understanding context of work

We use qualitative methods to make sense of what people do and why they do it.

Changing behaviours

We use social change and social marketing methods to create behaviours that stick and spread.

Building capabilities

We invent methods and ways of working that is tailored to your strategy and context, instead of copying others.

Executing strategies

We help you get moving in the direction of where you need to be.

Crafting strategies for change

We help you figure out how change best happens in your context – where to start and how to move from there.

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Management Consultant
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Anders Wengelin
Management Consultant
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